Since 1989 the Consortium organizes meetings on a yearly basis.



The Consortium publishes different contents about the relationship between State and Church.



Prestigious researchers from different European universities and institutions are part of the Consortium.


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New: XXXIInd annual meeting of the European Consortium for Church and State Research will take place in Venice during the days 12-15 May 2022. The subject will be: The complex world of philosophical and, non-religious beliefs. Legal and social profiles.

Last News

Publication of the proceedings of the XXXth Annual Conference (Siena, 15-17 November 2018)

This new volume (Comares, Granada, 2021) contains the proceedings of the meeting held in Siena during the days 15-17 November 2018 about the topic: The Legal Status of Old and New Religious Minorities in the European Union. Le statut juridique des minorités religieuses anciennes et nouvelles dans l’Union européenne.

Publication of the proceedings of the XXIXth Annual Meeting (Tallinn, 16-18 November 2017)

This volume (Comares, Granada, 2020) contains the proceedings of the meeting held in Tallinn during the days 16-18 November 2017 about the topic Securitisation of Religious Freedom: Religion and Limits of State Control - Sécurisation de la liberté religieuse : La religion et les limites du contrôle de l’Etat.

XXXIst Annual Meeting: “Taxation, Religions and Philosophical and Non-Confessional Organisations in Europe”

From Thursday, November 14 to Sunday, 17
All sessions at Luxembourg.